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4 wedding trends for 2023

Trends, by definition, are ephemeral, they change from one year to another and are not necessarily easy to follow. Especially since we only get married once, it can sometimes be difficult to know if you are falling into the “chip” or the “déjà-vu” when organizing your wedding. That’s why I’m with you, I know the trends in this industry and it’s with great pleasure that I give you my opinion on all your choices.

So get in touch with me quickly !

In the meantime, I’m writing an article to give you an outline of the trends for this wedding season 2023.

  • A welcome party stunning

Nothing better than a party the day before your wedding to start the festivities. You welcome your guests in a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great way to break the ice between your friends and family who may not know each other. The welcome party is not meant to last until the end of the night! Don’t forget that the next day, you have to be fresh and ready to have a good day.

From swimming to sunbathing to volleyball tournaments, there are many activities that will make your welcome party a success.

«What peace of mind to have Ludivine at our side.»


  • Always white and shine  

Always white and immaculate, wedding dresses are timeless! So whether you want long or short, with sleeves or a bare back. The dress you should choose is the one you will have a crush on.

There are all types of dresses, YOUR dress will be the one that will accompany you on this big day you must feel good in. Be careful though, it must be adapted! 

Forget the mermaid dresses if your ceremony and meal take place on the beach. It will be impossible for you to walk well.

But don’t forget that seamstresses are magicians who can create the details you are missing so don’t hesitate to ask for some changes on the dress you have chosen.

Pick a dress that will allow you to dance until the wee hours of the morning! And if you’re hesitant to choose a dress that won’t be easy to wear all day, the big trend is to transform it during the day.

You can choose a long dress for your ceremony and dinner and change after your first waltz. It may be easier for you to follow your friends in choreographies you’ve known since you were 10.

Gloves! It’s THE trend this year! They come in all shapes, in tulle for a classic and timeless look. In lace with little buttons or pearls for a very “Frenchie” look, or in leather for a little more rock & roll.

  • The groom makes his show

No more black suits, and no more costume shoes! Instead, find colorful suits. The 2023 season allows you to let loose if you want orange or pastel blue, you’ll find something to suit you.

For the more chilly and the darker ones, opt for fir green or neutral colors like ivory or champagne. 

For the size of the pants, be careful! Not too long to look like you stole your suit from your dad, nor too small to be ridiculous.

You have a doubt, the dressmakers are, once again, there for that. There are many small stores that offer a wide range of suits of all kinds, they will advise you at best so especially gentlemen, listen to them!

For the shirt, opt for white, it goes with everything! Forget the jacket that will only be there to prevent you from having fun with your darling. 

Don’t forget to match the tie or the bow tie with the handkerchief of your suit!

We have to think about shoes, here again we say goodbye to the shoes of your first outings and hello to the great trends of loafers (without the socks preferably 😜), but also brown or suede suit shoes!

They will go with any color, you just have to wear them before the D-day (and yes the advice of grandmothers are sometimes effective, always wear your shoes before the D-day…

Suit shoes are not necessarily your cup of tea, you are lucky, sneakers are allowed!

  • The most popular place 

You’re going to make a big impression in your dress, but you need a setting to match it. The 2023 trend is towards more intimate settings than other seasons.

It is time to celebrate a wedding with a smaller guest list, but longer. Indeed, weddings take place over several days and sometimes even over a whole week.

The trend more than ever is destination! And it’s not to my displeasure 😇! Take your guests to the most beautiful places in the world.

“A la française” in a chic salon of a castle in the Loire Valley, a dolce vita wedding in a masseria in the hills of Puglia, a heavenly setting in one of the small islands of Greece, a farmhouse in Provence or a wedding worthy of the accounts of a thousand and one nights in a riad in Marrakech!

A trendy wedding, that’s what I’m offering you for this new season that is starting, so don’t hesitate, I’m waiting for your call 😉

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Photo credit : By myself

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