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Loire Valley - Paris
Ludivine wedding planner à Angers


French Wedding Planner

I’ve been a Wedding Planner for 6 years, specializing in the organization of destination weddings, both in France and abroad.

I’ve had the chance to train with the best, and I continue to do so in order to offer you top-quality services.

I’m constantly questioning myself, because I know that nothing can be taken for granted. However, I’m proud to say that I’ve mastered my craft to perfection. I have a real passion for my work, and my main objective is to create an exceptional experience for you and your guests.

I look forward to discussing your project with you and explaining my process in more detail!

“Ludivine is an incredible professional, intelligent, fair and who leaves nothing to chance”.

Charlotte & Flavio – Wedding in Puglia, Italy.

My Vision

“I specialize in organizing weddings in France and abroad for a diverse clientele: foreign, French and expatriate. This clientele, demanding, enlightened and hungry for memorable moments, seeks both the predictable and the unexpected, excellence and pleasure. They aspire to a wedding that resonates with their history and values. My commitment is to offer them sound advice, proven expertise and unfailing availability.”

If this description fits you and you’d like to know more, I’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have! 😊

I look forward to talking with you! 🙌


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Destination wedding planner

French Wedding Planner

My Cocon

My family, my friends… My husband, my children… love… Friendship… Like everyone else, those closest to me play a huge role in my life! They represent my equilibrium. As the head of a large, blended family, calm is not an everyday occurrence…

Yet I draw immense wealth from this hectic, complex life, where each individual cultivates his or her own uniqueness, in a family spirit imbued with benevolence and harmony. I grow and enrich myself through these exchanges, these moments of complicity, these little moments of daily happiness, as well as these arguments and passionate discussions… It’s a life in which every day brings its share of novelties!


Hyper-everything… It’s only now that I understand this misunderstanding, this difference that I’ve felt since I was young! Hyperactive, hyper reactive, hypersensitive, hyper empathic, hyperesthetic… My way of thinking isn’t above that of 85% of the population, it’s just different, tree-like! All my senses are heightened, my emotions are amplified to the extreme…

I’ve managed to tame all this and juggle all my nuances to put them at the service of my work and always express my creativity to the full. Very demanding, even of myself, I’m rigorous. Challenges attract me and I like to push my own limits. As you can see, I’m hyper-addicted to my work!

Organisation de mariage sur- mesure à l'étranger


What could be more rewarding than traveling? Exploring the world, learning several languages, studying different cultures, meeting new people and immersing yourself in different ways of life… Sometimes, the idea of setting off in a van for a round-the-world trip appeals to me; I believe in it… Then I realize that maybe it’s not for me…

My love of comfort is undeniable! I enjoy spending my nights in charming hotels, savoring delicious meals in fine restaurants… Some might think that I have luxurious tastes… Perhaps! But I fully embrace this appreciation of aesthetic beauty and gastronomic goodness. What’s more, I love to travel for work! It gives me great pleasure to be able to reconcile my two passions, travel and weddings…


Although I invest a lot of time and energy in my work, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy day, I also like to take time out to relax. Is this paradoxical? Not really, but complementary and crucial really. Taking the time to savor each moment helps me to recharge my batteries. Whether it’s watching a series, reading a good book, cooking, listening to music, dancing, soaking up the sun by the pool, or sharing precious moments with my children…

It may sound a little philosophical, but I sincerely try to live each moment to the full and appreciate all those little things that make me realize how wonderful life is. They say that small, ordinary pleasures make life extraordinary, so let’s let ourselves go!