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destination wedding planner

Paris - Loire Valley - Méditerrannée
Ludivine wedding planner à Angers



Experienced Destination wedding planner

Wedding Planner, specialized in the organization of destination weddings, in France & abroad.

I am specialized in destination weddings. To date, I have covered weddings in Angers, Paris, Loire Valley but also Italy with Puglia, the Balearic Islands with Majorca and Ibiza & weddings are in progress in Strasbourg and Reunion Island.

I put my addiction to travel at the service of my profession; which means that I can accompany you, from a distance, taking care of your desires, but also of your guests, to set up a financially and logistically viable project.

I am so curious to evaluate your project with you!

“Ludivine is an incredible professional, intelligent, fair

and who leaves nothing to chance”.

Charlotte & Flavio. Wedding in Puglia, Italy.

Creating a whole from nothing! With talented service providers, we will imagine for you and your guests, a succession of unforgettable moments and experiences! And because I give 3000% to each wedding, and I work closely with each couple I accompany, I do not accept more than ten weddings per year.

Send me a message and let’s make your wedding together !


Wedding Planner with a Twist !

Destination wedding planner

My World

My cocon

My family, my friends… My husband, my children… Love… Friendship…

Like everyone else, my loved ones are very important to me! They are my balance.

As the head of a large and blended family, it’s not all smooth sailing every day… 

But I am rich in this lively and complex life in which each person cultivates his or her uniqueness, with kindness and without paradox, where the family spirit is very present!

 I evolve and am nourished by all these exchanges, these complicities, these small daily pleasures, these arguments, these animated discussions… In my life where days follow one another and are not alike!




Hyper-everything… This incomprehension, this difference felt since I was young has found its explanation! Hyperactive, hyper reactive, hypersensitive, hyper empathetic, hyperesthetic… I don’t think better than 85% of the population, I think differently! All my senses are heightened, my emotions are to the power of 1000… 

I have managed to tame all this and to play with all my nuances to be able to use them in my work and always be as creative as possible. I am very demanding, including with myself, I am uncompromising. I love challenges and like to push my limits. As you can see, I am hyper-addicted to my job!







Organisation de mariage sur- mesure à l'étranger


What could be more beautiful than travelling? To discover the world, to speak several languages, to study other cultures, to meet new people, to explore different ways of life… Sometimes, I would like to go around the world in a van; I believe in it… And then I tell myself that no, it’s not for me… 

I like my comfort too much! I like sleeping in nice hotels, dining in good restaurants… Some people will say that I have a taste for luxury, I don’t think so… But I assume, I like aesthetically beautiful and gastronomically good. And I also like to travel for my work! I am fulfilled to be able to combine my two passions, Travel and Weddings…







Even though I work a lot and I love the frenzy and adrenaline of the big days, I also love to relax! Paradoxical? No, rather complementary and essential in fact… Taking the time to appreciate time, I think it helps me to recharge my batteries. Relaxing in front of a series, reading a good book, cooking, listening to music, dancing, enjoying the sun by the pool, sharing precious moments with my children…

It’s a bit philosophical, but I really try to enjoy every moment and savour all those little things that make me say that life is beautiful. It seems that small ordinary pleasures make life extraordinary, so let’s enjoy them!

Wedding Planner with a twist

My Commitment

My process

Because you deserve the best, I promise to offer you my process and my tools.


Peace of mind guaranteed

I guide and advise you in your choices & decisions. You rely entirely on me.

Listening to your desires

Your wedding is special, we will build together your wedding project, tailor-made.