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Wedding Flower Trends 2023 !

You have chosen the location and the atmosphere of your wedding. Now it’s time to take care of the floral decorations for the day. From the bouquet to the boutonniere to the church, flowers will set the mood throughout your wedding. 

#bridetobe2023, it’s time to choose your flowers! I have made a selection of the major trends for 2023.

This year announces a great variety and choice of flowers, you can find your favorite among unexpected flowers. 

These are bright color palettes such as red, orange and purple that you will find ! These colors are perfect for wedding bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony arrangements. Popular flowers for these colors include roses, peonies, tulips, ranunculus and lilacs. It’s time to get creative, you can do it all.

In 2023, wedding flower trends feature creative and unique floral arrangements that reflect the personality and style of the bride and groom. ​​Don’t forget to choose seasonal and locally grown flowers so they last longer at your wedding.

Flowers with many facets! This new season, you can have everything you imagine. Epic rose rows, aerial installations, 6′ 7″ tall vegetation, as well as delicate or more extensive bouquets.

Don’t worry, I’ve listed some points for you :

  • Bright color palettes

No more nude colors, put some life in your wedding and this is especially true for flowers. If there is a trend to follow for this new season, it is the colors, we choose bright like red, orange or purple. Florists even agree that deep blue or yellow are colors that work perfectly !

  • Magnificent walkways

Your aisle will be the center of attention when you walk up it in your beautiful white dress, which is a good reason to dress it up! Think of the aisles of roses of all colors (or white if you prefer), it will make its effect. Anemones are making a comeback, and in addition to scenting your driveway, they are easy to care for, and won’t wilt in the heat. For a less classic and more ecological style, you can arrange small pots of olive or lemon trees.

  • Original centerpieces

Once shunned by many brides and grooms, flowerpots are this year’s centerpiece. Florists agree that the trend is not similar so let your imagination run wild. The florist will know how to bring you his advice 😉.

Ludivine allowed us to choose professionals who knew how to sublimate our wedding.


  • Breathtaking facilities

For those who are not fans of centerpieces, you can opt for an installation above the tables; either suspended or high on fine stems. This huge flying bouquet will be a hit with your guests.

Install one of these over the dance floor, it will also make a very nice sky for the photos of your big day. The result will be A-MA-ZING!

  • Small and elegant bridal bouquet

For several years, the trend was for very large bouquets and multiple flowers. This year, for the bridal bouquet, we are back to a more minimalist style with small bouquets that are less heavy to carry and that enhance the dress.

Whether you choose roses or tulips, your bouquet is there not to clutter you up but to finish your outfit. Leave the large arrangements to decorate your chosen venue 😉

  • Think green 😅 ❤️ 😘

Cut flowers are beautiful, but the fashion is green wedding. Think of selecting local flowers in addition to lasting longer, it will bring more charm to your place. Many brides and grooms turn to the use of potted plants or trees for decoration, embellished with garlands or a few touches of color, your venue will only be magnified.

  • Garden flowers

Garden flowers are also a trend for weddings in 2023. You can use flowers picked from local gardens (or even your own) to create floral arrangements that look organic and natural. The trend is towards garden flowers including roses, dahlias, peonies and anemones.

  • Stabilized flowers

Stabilized flower bouquets are beautiful and offer a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers.

If you’re looking to add a touch of lasting beauty to your wedding, consider using stabilized flowers for your decor. Not only are they durable and economical, but they also offer a wide variety of options for creating spectacular floral arrangements.

They also have the chance to stay put, from the beginning of the ceremony until the end of the night, they will be less impacted by the vagaries of temperature that you can have during your D-day.

  • The total green look

And if you prefer something with more foliage, think of the total green look. It will be a hit with your guests and make your dress stand out. You can use foliage such as eucalyptus, rosemary and palm leaves to create unique and long lasting arrangements. The foliage will add a touch of greenery and freshness while remaining elegant and sophisticated.

The total green look is also a good way to have an eco-responsible bouquet and to create a surprise.

  • The tropics

You can of course incorporate tropical and exotic flowers in your floral arrangements to add a touch of originality and exoticism. Tropical flowers, chic and colorful, still require your decoration to be island-oriented and include, for example, birds of paradise, hibiscus and even orchids.

  • Dried flowers

And finally, the big trend that has become a timeless one : dried flowers. Dry floral arrangements can be elegant and timeless, and they are perfect for weddings with a more bohemian chic style. What’s more, you can keep your arrangements for a long time! You can also, as a gift for your guests, offer them a flower bar. Animation and souvenirs will delight them!

You get it (or you don’t 😀), so let me sum it up for you… The floral trends for weddings in 2023 are creative, romantic and timeless. You can use a variety of flowers, foliage and colors to create floral arrangements that reflect your personality and personal style.

Of course, the professionals are there to help you… Don’t forget to ask your florist’s opinion, some flowers and creations don’t go with all places, you have to take it into account.

Give me a call, and together we’ll find the perfect style for your mood!  

So #bridetobe2023, what are your favorite flowers ?

combien coute un wedding planner à Angers
Photo credit : Arthur Corgier

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