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Thanksgiving … or how to get engaged


From Friends to New Girl, to How I Met Your Mother, and Gossip Girl with its famous dramas, we all want to celebrate the most famous holiday of all, Thanksgiving.

Many hours of preparation in the kitchen, a turkey roasting in the oven, all the family and friends sitting around a huge table …You celebrate Thanksgiving just like we celebrate Christmas in France : family, food in excess, to have a great time and create amazing moments. Here in the offices of our agency, we had the best ideas to have a fabulous 2022 Thanksgiving : Proposing to your partner ! 

Before making your proposal, it is necessary to think of some small things. That’s why we help you :

The ring: it may be a “cliché”, but it makes you dream ! It is necessary to choose it well, there are thousands of different rings, with various sizes and materials. You have a doubt, you have the right, it is not the easiest jewelry to choose. Ask a friend, a brother, a cousin, even your mother… with two people it is easier to make a choice, especially if the person who comes with you knows well the tastes of your fiancé(e). Even a jeweler can help you make an informed decision, especially if you know what kind of jewelry your partner wears on a daily basis.

The ring is not compulsory, you can think of something more personal and meaningful for your couple. Now, couples know that an engagement ring is a lifetime investment, so talking about what your partner wants is not taboo.You can have a great time looking for it together. 

The staging, whether it’s tucked away in a jacket, in a velvet case or plunked down in a piece of pumpkin pie (which isn’t really the best idea 🙄)In order not to flop, the best way is to prepare your request and therefore to know well the tastes and desires of your future wife/husband.

The guests, you want to have your family and your friends around you and it’s normal. Why not organize a (Thanksgiving) lunch at your home, for your partner, the excuse of a friendly meal is perfect. And all your guests will only have to wait or discover your proposal. 

The pictures : we agree it’s not easy to put your knee down and hold the camera pointed at your demand… without dropping everything. So if you are alone, remember to put your camera down and turn it on before your ask. Get help if there are several of you, just get a friend or family member involved, and you’ll get a great photo and video souvenir. Consider hiring a photographer to capture the moment. Think of hiring a photographer to immortalize this moment, you will have great photos that will perfectly transmit the love between both of you. 

The famous question to the parents-in-law… here again it is more a tradition of the 19th century, than a custom of 2022 but if you want to please your future in-laws, or if your honey wants to, it can be a great idea. Of course, we do not forget to question his lover subtly or not on his wish to her or him…


« We especially liked that she explained the whole process to us before we got started, it was very comforting! »


So whether you take your cue from Bridget Jones, Sex on the City, When Harry met Sally, Runway Bride, Four weddings and a funeral, Love Actually or by creating a great moment in your living room, your proposal will be magical and you will have a wonderful memory.  Don’t forget to take notes, you’ll need them for your wedding speech ! 😁

Once you are officially engaged, it’s time to celebrate! Think about how you’re going to enjoy the moment after you put the ring on your partner’s finger, and Thanksgiving is the holiday to enjoy all that happiness with your family. There is no right way to celebrate, enjoy this moment to the max ! 

… That’s it, the request is made… So call me to tell me about this beautiful moment and your precious desires !

Happy Thanksgiving !

Photo credit: Arthur Corgier

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