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Coordination Services

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Dear Bride & Groom,

You have taken to heart the organization of your wedding, you have spent time, you have invested in it… You have chosen good professionals, who correspond to your expectations and who will accompany you in this exceptional day.

From now on, let me take charge of the logistic coordination of your event. Me and my team will put our know-how and experience at your service and will provide you with advice and tools for a serene and controlled approach of your wedding day.

Concretely… I can take over from you 2 months before the big date. Breathe in, breathe out… I’m here 😅

Would you like to get to know me?

My Coordination Services

Concretely, how does it work ?

I explain everything to you!

Several weeks, about 2 months before your wedding date, you introduce me to the professionals you have chosen. You provide me with the contracts that you have signed with them as well as their respective general conditions. We build together the planning of your wedding day(s) and consolidate it, according to the exchanges we have together and with the providers.

All this work will allow to offer a cocoon of work for the professionals, who will be able to concentrate only on their mission and on nothing else! This will also bring serenity to your family and friends who will be able to enjoy this beautiful day, without worrying about the logistics, we will be there for that. And of course, you will be able to relax and let yourself be carried away… Enjoying your day, living it with your guests will be your only concern!

You will have understood it…

The coordination of the Wedding Day, as I understand it, is not only a presence on the day of your wedding to manage the guests and the unforeseen… No, it is a real care, several weeks beforehand, in order to avoid tensions, stress, misunderstandings, misunderstandings, conflicts sometimes… which could have an incidence on the D-day.

You are getting married in less than 6 months

and you want to enjoy your Wedding Day ?

Coordination Services

Here are the details of services included

Reading of contracts and agreements with suppliers

The retroplanning of the preparations

The discovery and the visits of the places

The discovery and the knowledge of the chosen professionals

Our unlimited exchanges

The meetings and follow-ups with the providers

The respect of the deadlines imposed

Your follow-up of the payment of the balances

The complete retro-planning of your event, day by day

The coordination of your wedding, on one or more days

My presence & that of my team

My optimism & my good mood !

Call me and tell me about your wedding!
For the rest, I manage ✌️

From 3200€

For a wedding with 100 guests – 1 day – Loire Valley

Destination Wedding planner


"Ludivine was perfect. She was a great help in the preparation of our wedding and in the coordination of the Wedding Day. It was the best choice for our wedding. Ludivine understood our expectations regarding the providers we wanted for the event. Ludivine is very attentive, reactive, [...] she was also a real support. There was also a very good follow-up, Ludivine is very organized, everyone knew what had to be done on the wedding day, the program was respected to the letter. Everything went perfectly. Beyond this purely professional aspect, Ludivine is very friendly, cheerful and relaxed. Ludivine greatly contributed to make this day the wedding of our dreams. We will always be grateful to her. You can call on her with your eyes closed."

Hélène & Xavier

"To be there without being there ! This is what characterizes Ludivine's performance. She listened to us, made us dream but also knew how to bring us back to a certain reality. She was there. And then came Our day. Everything was managed with discretion. She had anticipated and planned everything. We saw nothing of the organization, we let ourselves be carried. She was there without being there. Thanks to her."

Emmanuelle & Peter

"Thank you again Ludivine for understanding our desires and implementing them with so much involvement. Your listening, your advice, your energy, your kindness, your professionalism, your good mood [...] allowed us to fully and serenely enjoy the preparations and the Wedding Day... The wedding we were dreaming of. We wish you the best for the future!"

Carole & Laurent

"We wanted our wedding to be the best day of our lives and Ludivine was a great help! She listened to our wishes and gave us great advice. Many of our guests found the ceremony beautiful and moving and complimented us on the organization of the day. These compliments are yours! Thank you again, Ludivine, for your professionalism, your responsiveness, your dynamism and your sympathy."

Lucile & Laurent

"Ludivine was very available, she took the time to listen to us, to identify our expectations and our apprehensions. She knew how to adapt to us while proposing new and relevant ideas. Thanks to her network we were able to select quality service providers. We were able to enjoy our wedding day 100%. Ludivine coordinated everything, with discretion and reactivity. This unforgettable day took place in a very relaxed, friendly and joyful way for us and our guests."

Margaux & Max

"Ludivine's reactivity, her professionalism and her unfailing good humor are the words that best define her. We entrusted Ludivine with the coordination of our wedding, thanks to her we were able to have peace of mind throughout the day of our wedding and the weeks leading up to it. She was a flawless accompaniment and if we were able to enjoy our day and our guests so much it's thanks to her. Many thanks!!!"

Camille & Oscar

"After our engagement, we wanted to organize everything ourselves. We were quickly caught up in our daily lives, and it was a real relief to be able to rely on Ludivine.
We particularly liked the fact that she explained everything to us before we started, it reassured us a lot. During the organization of our wedding, she pushed us in our reflections... Fortunately she was present to think about everything. And the day of our wedding, what can I say... it was even better than in our wildest dreams! Ludivine and her team took care of us and our guests, everything was beautifully orchestrated. By the way, everyone still congratulates us for our magnificent wedding. Ludivine, you were always listening and knew how to find the right words, thank you for everything! If you want the perfect Wedding Planner for your wedding, contact her quickly."

Adeline & Benjamin

"Ludivine allowed us to create the wedding we dreamed of without having all the stress of the organization with us. She was always reachable and communicated us every progress of the organization. Thank you again for the months you spent with us to organize the wedding of our dreams. You 're the best !"

Aly & Louis


Wedding Planner

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