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7 ways to use The Pantone’s color 2023 for your wedding

Viva Magenta !

It has been voted! Since December 1, 2022, we know the pantone’s color of the year 2023: Viva Magenta 18-750. A perfect color to start the year. A bright and beautiful color that brightens up even the darkest moments. An intense red that perfectly symbolizes love and passion. 

Viva magenta is a true color of power, it is a color that communicates joy and happiness. There are no half measures with Viva Magenta. It reminds us of life and nature, it is a sign of hope and renewal perfect to start the new year. 

The line is thin between an intense red and a dark pink, the Pantone color of the year lets us see both aspects of these colors. We could not even define it, it represents several colors while being itself: it is a cherry red mixed with pink that draws on the violet. 

So how do you use the pantone color of the year 2023 for your wedding? There are many ways to use this beautiful color. And especially to make feel the passion that it inspires…

We have listed 7 of them :


Dress up your bridesmaids 

It’s impossible to miss the bridesmaid dresses. Blonde, brunette, tiny, with freckles, with this or that morphology, Viva Magenta fits everyone, and sublimates each silhouette. 

It will spark up spring weddings. Perfect for a summer wedding, Viva magenta will highlight the colors of fall and nothing better than this color to highlight the pristine white of your wedding dress. 

Show the passion and life that drives you! For the more reserved who would not dare the card: bright color, more nude colors like beige, powder pink or old pink will combine wonderfully with magenta.

The flowers

The color of the year 2023 is directly inspired by nature. It will be easy to find your favorite flowers in this hue. A true symbol of emotion, flowers will highlight the color of the year. Viva Magenta can be found in dahlias, peonies, tulips, petunias, hydrangeas….

Combined with eucalyptus branches, dried flowers or simply white roses, your bouquet will be beautiful. 

Your florist will be able to advise you perfectly on the flowers to associate for your wedding bouquet. Of course, don’t forget the buttonholes and the flowers for the decoration. The amaranths will make a pretty magenta curtain, which will bring out your dress.


As we’ve seen before, flowers will be a great way to showcase the Pantone color of the year. But also, don’t forget… There are multiple ways to highlight Viva Magenta!

We begin by the exit of the church or the town hall… Nothing better than small colored glitters, which can be natural; they will be perfect for the photos and will allow you to put a touch of color to the monument from which you leave. 

To announce the color (no bad joke), at the entrance of your reception place, nothing better than the welcome sign, with a beautiful writing of this Pantone color.

The menu and table placement are central elements of the reception venue. These aren’t details, but who says Magenta has to be the centerpiece of your wedding? 

A touch of Magenta will brighten up your reception, without being too present. And it’s well known… Details make all the difference! Candles and choice of textures will put your guests in a warm atmosphere.

Your designer will put all his creativity at your service, with the choice of this color!

«One of Ludivine’s main qualities is her creativity…»


The groom and his suit

Who says the groom has to wear a black suit? So gentlemen: why stay on neutral colors, when magenta suits you so well. A white or black shirt, magenta will go with everything. 

If red scares you, don’t forget that fir green goes perfectly with the color of the year, so enjoy! All you have to do is find a little detail like: your tie or your buttonhole to put a little magenta in your outfit.

If you have any doubts, consider making an appointment with a specialist who will help you make your choice. In any case, just like the dress of your beloved, you must choose a suit that suits you and that you assume!

Wedding annoucement

A beautiful invitation gives the spirit of your wedding, it is the red thread of your big day, the first glimpse of what it will be. 

It must reflect your spirit and who you are, of course it also gives the tone and nuance you have chosen for your wedding. So, matte paper or plexiglass, let your touch of madness take over. 

Today a lot of ideas are circulating on the networks, so don’t hesitate to get inspired. 

Consider making a moodboard and doing some research to select patterns and typography that you like, it will only be easier for your final section…Or not 😉

Accessories and what makes you a wonderful bride

It’s the little things that make the big things. Whether it’s the shoes, the necklace, the earrings or the groom’s watch, think of the color details. They will make all the difference. 

Think ruby, garnet and red diamond, the color is gorgeous and will look good on anyone. A back necklace that will look great with a bare back. 

Short earrings if you have loose hair and rather long, if your hair is raised in a bun. Take into account your hairstyle and your dress to avoid taking jewelry that is too heavy or not showy enough.

Be careful, the jewelry for your wedding has nothing to do with everyday jewelry. Jewelers are your best assets to select the jewelry that will suit you best. 

Raise your glass and eat

Whether it’s on a wedding cake or mignardises, there are many ways to associate the color Viva Magenta with your wedding. More specifically, to the meal. 

Present the chef or caterer with a few inspirations, he will be delighted to let his creativity express itself. A few touches are enough and if you prefer not to put magenta on your dessert, cocktails are there for that. 

Whether it is a kir royal  or pink champagne, the magenta can invite itself in your glasses. It is not difficult to create the illusion. 

Viva Magenta 18-750 is gorgeous for this new year, the color of the year, alone brings passion to life… Your wedding will be beautiful with this color Pantone 2023 full of character.

And you, married 2023, will you give in to the Pantone Viva Magenta trend?

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Photo credit: By Myself !

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