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Organizing your wedding in France, when you are an expatriate?

Congratulations, you are engaged! Now the real work begins. Don’t worry, I have worked with many expatriate couples who want to get married in one of our beautiful regions of France to find out what to do. 

In France, expatriates can get married in the same way as French citizens. However, there may be differences in procedures depending on the expatriate’s country of origin.

If the expatriate is a national of a European Union country, he/she must provide a certificate of capacity to marry issued by the authorities of his/her country of origin. If the expatriate is a national of a country outside the European Union, he/she must provide a certificate of custom and celibacy issued by the competent authorities of his/her country of origin.

In addition, expatriates must also comply with the time limits for the publication of banns, which are generally 10 days. This means that their marriage cannot be celebrated before the end of this period. 

Destination weddings in France have convinced many people, especially expatriates… Some French expatriates choose to get married in France for several reasons. 

First of all, getting married in France can be a return to your roots and a way to reconnect with your cultural roots. Furthermore, France is often perceived as a romantic and idyllic country, so why not?

Finally, getting married in France can also allow you to gather your family and friends to celebrate your union and your love. This can be especially important for you, expatriates, who live far from your families and loved ones.

Just imagine yourself in a beautiful castle in the Loire Valley or in a small village in the South of France. Our country is known for the variety of landscapes you can find, whether you are more of a beach person or a mountain person, it is also known for its gastronomy and its good wine… The perfect combo! 

Dear expatriates, you know it better than anyone: France is the country of love, gastronomy and very often of your family(s), so I will accompany you wherever you choose! 

Are you ready to team up with me for the next few months? Yes, I am THE destination wedding planner 😇 🤘

  • Jet lag

The time difference does not scare me, accustomed to visios with Miami or Los Angeles; some days I travel a lot 😅 

Whether you’re in Bali for work or having a good time in Sydney, I adapt, you’ll feel like I’m with you at every meeting and I’ll be right there! 

I’m a vocalist, if you don’t have me on video you’re bound to have one of my “podcasts” with you as my friends often say.

We are only at the beginning of our collaboration and Ludivine already brings us so much! Organizing our wedding without her seems inconceivable!

Laure & Paolo

  • I am French!

So yes, it’s not a secret and you’ll inevitably realize it if we speak English together (and yes, if your other half doesn’t speak French, English is more practical 😉 )… “My accent is so cute”… And then, a French woman who knows all the privileged and unique places of the Pays de Loire and who has a crazy network, it is the kiff not? 

Whatever your needs and requests are, I will know which service provider to introduce you to.

  • My great tools

I work mainly with clients on the other side of the Atlantic, I’m used to working remotely! So you will have access to tools created especially for you. The general planning, the coordination file as well as the venue files, caterers…: the tables have no more secrets for me and soon for you!

After each appointment I dive into your file to write a detailed report of the appointments, I particularly like these tools because you can, at any time of the day or night, complete them and comment on them. I am well aware that you have a job to do, and I am here to ensure that this happens calmly and serenely for you; because that is my job!

  • A unique team

We will meet several providers and choose the one for whom you will have the crush. We will create the best team for you, providers who correspond to you and with whom you will feel in confidence, throughout the organization. 

I will be there every step of the way, introducing you to each partner who will work with me before and on the day. It is also a relationship of trust, which is based on the feeling that you will build throughout the organization.

  • A guest list

Because everything depends on the number of guests, whether it is the place, the caterer, or the technical aspect of the budget, we all need to have a range of the number of guests. 

So it’s up to you! Who, whose presence will be important or even essential for you on the big day? How many people do you send invitations to? You’ll have to go over this list several times before you have a final list. The hardest part will be choosing who to invite, invite only the people you want to be near you. It’s your big day, so you have the choice on everything, even if not everyone likes it… 

There are bound to be people you want to invite but you can’t because of the available seats or the budget, this is where the B-list comes into play. Do you know the B-list? So who are you going to take with you to your destination wedding in France

I am a master of adaptability. I will organize your wedding in a few months, even weeks and I am available for you during the whole organization!!!

Together we create your wedding day, even more beautiful than you imagine. I will be present with you to bring you my know-how and guide you in the search for a place until your ceremony, passing by the landing of the plane and the contact with the photographer. 

Don’t forget that during the time of your organization we are a team, so your investment is essential! I do not claim to save you time. But with me, you will work on the substance of the wedding, as for the rest, I manage! Be aware that as Elite Destination Wedding Planner, I will give you my opinion on everything… You will have all the ins and outs for your decision making. 

My tools, my experience and my know-how will be at your disposal. So, are you ready for the adventure? 

combien coute un wedding planner à Angers
Photo credit : Thomas Bonnet

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