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5 tips to choose the perfect engagement ring

Valentine’s Day !

Cartier, Tiffany, Dior Joaillerie, Boucheron, Gemmyo, Bucherer, Chaumet, Bulgari: the luxury jewelers are few, but well known. It is sometimes difficult to make a choice between one engagement ring or another. Which one will please your future half? Are you making the right decision regarding the size of the stone, the shape, the color of the gold?

Nowadays, the engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that is given as a symbol of commitment, often a solitaire (it can however be more modern or original with a completely different design). It will be worn for a lifetime and passed on from generation to generation. So whether it is a ruby or a pink diamond… The symbol remains the same: Love ❤️.

The ritual of the engagement ring has evolved over time, but the tradition of giving a piece of jewelry to the love of one’s life has existed since the dawn of time, in many countries and all religions. The custom dates back to Roman times, when it was believed that the vein on the left ring finger was directly connected to the heart, so the iron ring was worn on that finger.

In the Middle Ages, the ring that newlyweds gave each other was simple and without precious stones. According to the stories, the first woman to wear a diamond engagement ring was Agnes of Sorel, the mistress of Charles VII.

It is from the 15th century that the engagement ring and the wedding ring are distinguished. The engagement ring must then be decorated with a precious stone, often a diamond which is the symbol of fidelity, while the wedding ring is a sober ring.

Before choosing the engagement ring, the jewel that will define the rest of your life, for which your wife will have tears in her eyes, you must define its style. Jewelers and designers all agree on this point. The ring should reflect the personality and soul of your beloved.

So we’ve written you a little guide to choosing THE perfect ring, that will ensure you get a “Yes” without any hesitation 😅 So gentlemen, you must be amazed by the ring you choose!!!

So what should you look for before choosing THE ring?

  • The style of your future wife.

Is she classic, natural or sophisticated? The questioning may seem complex but it is essential for the choice of the jewel

Does she prefer to wear jewelry with neutral colors or, on the contrary, more vivid colors?

Is her jewelry discreet? Decorated with precious stones and which ones? Or more fancy?

If you have the answers to these questions, it will make the choice of the jewel easier. Your future wife has very specific tastes… So you will surely have to rack your brains… Good luck!

«I contacted Ludivine after our engagement,

she organized our wedding in 5 months!»


  • Which metal do you like the most? 

Gold is a safe bet, it is the most used metal for engagement rings. The vast majority of rings are designed with 18 karat gold, so it is mixed with another metal, which will then define its color.

White gold is the most common metal, its neutral color is easy to wear and blends with all other colors. In recent years, rose gold has become fashionable, the color is perfect for women with light skin and hair color.

Platinum is used by the great jewelers of the world. Like gold, it has a long life, but is very difficult to work with (which explains its price).

Silver is not recommended, it oxidizes easily, and does not resist in time. It also tends to blacken. It is therefore not the best choice for a jewel that symbolizes the love of a lifetime.

  • The stone

You must choose it according to the color of the metal, even if most stones are associated with all metals, the color is also very important. The diamond, the blue sapphire, the aquamarine, the tanzanite, the ruby or the emerald.

The diamond is without a doubt the favorite stone of women, it is the hardest, most mythical and most sought after stone. The diamond is a safe choice, but if your other half leaves you clues on a color preference, pay attention!  Because the diamond is not necessarily white!

  • Made in France

The “Made in France” is a real guarantee of quality! Pay attention to the punching… Indeed, to be sure a ring is “Made in France”, you have to look at a small diamond. A precious metal jewel of more than 3g, made in France, has the obligation to carry a diamond in which is engraved a fine drawing, in order to guarantee its title: an eagle’s head in the case of 18 ct gold and a dog’s head in the case of platinum.

  • The thorny question of what size to get.

After hours of research, you have finally found the metal, the stone, the shape and the details…

Now you need to know the size of her left ring finger. If your future wife wears a ring on this finger – be careful, the size is not the same depending on the hand – you can discreetly steal it from her.

You can then draw the inner contours or put a string inside, so the jeweler will have the correspondence between the centimeters of the string and the finger size.

You can also rely on the professional and describe your fiancée, with her height, weight, finger length or wrist size, he will be able to deduce her size – but this will not be possible for a custom made ring. 

A few tips to follow (or not…): opt for a French manufacture, a ring with a timeless design and especially the possibility to change the size of the jewel.

Don’t forget! Without putting any pressure on you, an engagement ring is one of the most important choices in your life. If you are unsure, consider consulting your fiancée’s friends or family, they can help you in your search.

Valentine’s Day is one of the best times – if not, THE best time – to propose to your bride.

So it’s up to you to find the perfect ring! And even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, a proposal on that day will be on your mind and will be your special day for lovers, just for you!

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